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Top New Digital Tools for Small Businesses

| February 15, 2017
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Technology has not just shrunk the tools we use, but it has allowed small businesses the power to operate like a big business. These tools can help small businesses get better organized, efficiently manage their finances, or support customer service and win new business.

New Digital Tools that Can…

Organize You

  • Evernote: For the creative mind, this app allows you to capture great ideas and track them to completion. This tool can help you collect, discuss and present information important to you, your staff and your clients. Visit site
  • Tripit: Consolidates all your disparate travel itinerary information in one place, regardless of what website, or how many you used to plan the trip. Tripit also provides delay alerts, weather updates, maps and directions. Visit site

Managing Finances

  • Expensify: This app keeps track of business expenses and mileage and can file receipts and expense reports with the click of a button. Visit site
  • InDinero: Syncs up your bank accounts and credit cards and provides a real-time financial dashboard to help track cash flow and manage finances. Visit site

Build Your Business

  • LocalVox: A marketing app that helps you build your brand online. It allows you to publish to online channels and optimizes organic searches. Visit site
  • Perka: This app helps local businesses promote and reward customer loyalty. Visit site
  • Helps you keep a pulse on your customers and work with your staff to track and respond to customer issues. Visit site

And Stay Connected to Those Closest to You

Couple: Business owners can sometimes forget about their first love. Use this app with your spouse or partner to stay connected and remember important events. Visit site

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