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The Top 3 Retirement Savings Excuses

| June 22, 2016
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We talk a lot about the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to saving and planning as you pursue your long-term retirement goals. That’s because excuses like the following can quickly sabotage your efforts:

“I can’t afford to save now, but I’ll definitely get serious in the future.” While it’s never too late to start, the earlier you begin saving, the sooner the benefits of compounding kick in.  

“If I fall behind, I’ll make up for it with higher investment returns.” While an aggressive approach may result in potentially higher returns, your investments will also be subject to greater volatility and losses, which can undermine your strategy.

“I don’t need a financial or retirement income plan.” Without a plan in place, it’s nearly impossible to determine when to retire or how much you’ll need.

Helping you remain on track toward your retirement goals is our number one priority! Take care not to let these excuses derail your retirement. 

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