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Recipes Around the World: Mexico

| May 31, 2017
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Our resident foodie and chef, advisor Nathan Meeks, will be sharing a recipe with you once a month! Tune in monthly for his blog, Recipes Around the World.

Over the years, my clients have told me that one of the most memorable aspects of traveling to other countries is trying all the different types of foods. I absolutely agree with them! International foods are often rich with unique flavors and fragrances, as well as rich in culture. These food experiences serve as a type of souvenir of the countries and places visited. Which lead me to think, while you may not be able to get to your favorite destination for dinner tonight, you can certainly take the food out of the country—in a recipe! 

I thought it would be fun to share with you some must-try international recipes to sample the flavors of many amazing countries. Perhaps you will be inspired to cook them yourself. 

The first stop in our Recipes Around the World Tour is Mexico!


Two things that make Mexican food unique and delicious are the use of the fresh, local ingredients the country possesses, as well as multiple generations having cooked the same recipes. While Mexico has hundreds of distinct, regional cuisines, most of the dishes that have become popular across the border have been simplified. These often include some type of nacho, taco, quesadilla or fajita, but simply wrapping up some meat and cheese in a tortilla and adding salsa does not count as a real Mexican dish! You can use this authentic Mexican recipe that has been passed down through generations, standing the test of time in delivering mouthwatering, beef enchiladas. You won’t be disappointed!

Recipe for Mexican Beef Enchiladas

I hope you enjoy cooking and eating this meal, and I look forward to sharing more recipes soon!

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