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Lifestyle Apps to Guide you Day-to-Day

Lifestyle Apps to Guide you Day-to-Day

| January 09, 2019

They say there’s an app for almost everything and we're pretty convinced that’s true. Did you know there are over 700,000 apps now available? The challenge arises when narrowing down your choices and figuring out which ones to download, that will actually be of value to you. We decided to take on that challenge by researching some of the best mobile apps out there to make anything from entertainment to travel to medical responsibilities during your golden years less stressful and more fun.

  1. Waze (iOS and Android). Instead of buying a separate and expensive navigation device for your car or depending on your memory to get you places quickly, just download Waze. It gives you step-by-step verbal directions to your destination, predicts the traffic patterns to get there, alerts you of any nearby police and notifies you of any road closures or accidents.

  2. Park’n forget (iOS) and Parkit (Android). Ever forgot where you parked your car? It's so easy to do (especially in busy and crowded lots)! These apps direct you back to your parked car and will even remind you that your meter or parking payments are about to expire. How amazing is that?

  3. Find my iPhone (iOS). Whether you misplace your iPhone or iPad devices inside your home or leave it at the store, the Find my iPhone app uses Wi-Fi to see its general location and sets off a pinging sound to help you find its exact whereabouts.

  4. Wunderlust (iOS, Android). Sometimes remembering what exactly is on your to-do list is half the battle of getting anything done. This app is great for creating lists of tasks, getting reminded of them and sharing with friends or family to keep them on task as well.

  5. Voice Dream Reader (iOS) and @Voice Aloud Reader (Android). These apps allow anybody the ability to essentially read with their ears. This is especially helpful to those experiencing vision loss. Whether it’s books, web articles, emails or PDFs, everything on the screen can be read aloud.

  6. Silver Surf (iOS) and Large Launcher (Android). What good are all of the above apps if you’re constantly having to squint to find them or struggle to read the small text within them? These apps replace your user interface with much larger font and larger icons to make navigating your tablet so much easier.

If you know of an app that should be added to this list, we'd love to hear about it.