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Easing Into Retirement

| July 19, 2017
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There’s good news for the growing number of Americans approaching retirement age who are ready to scale back, but aren’t ready to completely call it quits where working is concerned. Whether you’re seeking to work full or part-time in retirement to continue building savings or delay taking Social Security benefits, you have more options than ever before in the form of work-from-home jobs.

Led by advancements in technology, remote job listings have increased by 52% over the past two years alone, making it easier for more people to work from home. Additionally, companies are offering more telecommuting opportunities because they help reduce office space and other overhead costs, improve productivity, increase retention, and reduce the negative environmental impacts of commuting among other factors.

If you’re thinking about working in retirement—or are already doing so—it’s important to obtain an income analysis to help manage taxes on earned income and Social Security benefits, as well as income-based premiums for Medicare Parts B and D. We can help you plan for a wide variety of income and tax scenarios so you can make confident financial decisions at all stages of your life. Simply call us today to schedule an appointment at (321) 203-4458.

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