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Advisor Spotlight: Mathew Wade

Advisor Spotlight: Mathew Wade

| November 30, 2021

Who or what inspired you to become an advisor?

Was it a moment in your life or do you have a love of finances or helping people? Were you inspired by another advisor?


In 2001 my father died suddenly from cancer, then in 2006 my father-in-law also succumbed to cancer.  I saw firsthand the importance of financial planning and advice, both to prepare for the unexpected and to make good decisions in dealing with the aftermath. 


What do you provide your clients?

Is it distinct products/ services? Dynamic approach? Comprehensive financial planning?


I try to give my clients advice they can really trust.  That means striving to educate them regarding sound financial and investment principles, which helps them separate facts from opinions.  It also means taking the time to disclose the pros and cons of every aspect of my recommendations, as well as explaining the “why’s” and the “how’s”, so they can make informed decisions. 


What motivates you?

Do you love providing advice, guidance, and education to individuals? 


It feels so good when clients say, “no one has ever explained that to me so clearly before.”  Or “I know you and your team really have my best interests at heart.”  That’s what motivates me: bringing clarity and confidence to others.


Who do you love working with?

Is it families? Independent women? Accountants? Business owners? C-suite executives?


My “ideal client” is a person who wants to be involved in their planning process (rather than “just do whatever you think is best”), yet at the same time values professional advice.  I love working with hard-working, humble, sincere folks.


Do you serve your community?

Who are you beyond an advisor?


My wife Alison and I enjoy volunteering our time every month sharing the Bible’s message of comfort and hope with the Deaf in our community who use American Sign Language.  I am also privileged to serve as an elder in our congregation, providing Bible-based counsel and encouragement – also as a volunteer.


Are you passionate about sports, your children/ grandchildren, mindfulness, fitness, philanthropy? Explain why. It will help others connect with you.


I love the healthy competition of sports.  Alison and I are both originally from the Boston area, so we root for the Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots and Bruins.  I’m also an avid online chess player.