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Advisor Spotlight

Advisor Spotlight

| December 01, 2021

Who or what inspired you to become an advisor? 

When I was working on the institutional side I realized there are so many things that people are unaware of. Furthermore, I realized that this kind of work could be so impactful in families lives, far beyond that of institutions.

What do you provide your clients?

A personal confidant, who takes time to understand you individually. Only then with that knowledge do I create a personal solution that I then work in tandem with you to strive to grow with.

 What motivates you?

I pride myself on having clients who understand, I ensure that my time with clients is educational. When I provide understanding to situation it allows clients to make informed decisions that create confidence.

Who do you love working with?

I welcome anyone and love a good challenge. However, people who are overwhelmed by a life changing event and need a strong presence to help navigate with them is my favorite.

Do you serve your community?

I serve the youth in my community. I do this by coaching and providing an example and a place to learn the transferable life lessons of sports.

Are you passionate about sports, your children/ grandchildren, mindfulness, fitness, philanthropy?

I am passionate about my family. Both immediate and extended.  Also, sports. I have always been active in sports but as a father, getting to coach my son has provided another level. The time spent with my family in those settings and having those experiences, growing relationships that sprout from that is great. I also like to travel and try new foods with my family (mostly my son, my wife isn’t as keen).