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8 U.S. Outdoor Activities to Make the Most of Your Summer

8 U.S. Outdoor Activities to Make the Most of Your Summer

| July 05, 2023

Summer is the perfect season to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, warm weather, fresh air, and a wide range of outdoor activities. Whether you are the type of person who likes to relax and enjoy sunny days or likes more fast-paced adventure, there is plenty to see and do. Check out these summertime suggestions for the best outdoor activities in the U.S.

1. Play a Round of Golf

Summer is the perfect time to dust off your clubs, hit the links, and sharpen your skills on the golf course. Throughout the U.S., you can find golf courses to suit any level of player, from amateurs to top pros. If you are looking for a course with a fantastic layout, top-notch instructors, and 36 holes featuring some of the more challenging greens around, be sure to check out Panther Lake Golf Course in Winter Garden, Florida.1

2. Plan a Family Camping Trip

Camping is a great way to spend time with family and enjoy the country's beautiful natural surroundings. Many campgrounds around the country offer unbelievable views, a variety of hiking trails, national landmarks, and scenic lakes to enjoy water activities. While you can find beautiful campgrounds in almost every state, Yellowstone National Park draws thousands of campers each year for its picturesque scenery.

3. Embark on a Summer Road Trip

Is the open road calling your name? Summer will be gone before you know it and there are plenty of amazing locations to explore that are just a highway away. So why not pack your bags, gas up the car, and head out for a road trip? Map out an itinerary or simply wing it, stopping at interesting places along the way. If you want your road trip to include plenty of roadside attractions and sites, hop on the famed Route 66.3

4. Dance Your Heart Out at a Music Festival

Whether you have a favorite band you like to follow, enjoy dancing under the stars, or generally like feeling good vibes from everything that comes with a live show, there are plenty of music festivals and music events around the country to experience. One festival favorite of Midwesterners and blues connoisseurs is the Chicago Blues Festival at Millennium Park in June.3

5. Learn How to Surf

One of the best parts of summer is finding a body of water to play in, and many water fans craving adventure like to try surfing. If you have surfed before, take the time to sharpen your skills. If you have never climbed on a board, find an instructor at your favorite beach to get a few lessons. For those on the East Coast and Gulf areas, Daytona Beach is the perfect place to enjoy catching quality waves. For those on the west side of the country, Huntington Beach in California is worth checking out.

6. Get Your Heart Pumping on Thrilling Rides

If you want excitement, spend a weekend at one of the amusement parks in every part of the country. Scream at the top of the Wicked Twister at Cedar Point, check out one of the newest water coasters, Aquaman: Power Wave at Six Flags Over Texas, or plunge from a 206-foot peak on the Gwazi at Busch Gardens.

7. Enjoy a Scuba Diving Excursion

Nothing will get you closer to nature than a dive where you can observe great ocean life. The Dive Place in Winter Garden, Fla., is a recommended place to book your next diving adventure.2 The instructors offer classes for beginners and those certified and looking for a refresher course. The Dive Shop also offers diving excursions around the Gulf area, including the Florida Keys, Venice Beach, Destin, and more.

8. Sample Amazing Wines

Late summer is the perfect time to head to a regional winery and check out local options, often accompanied by fantastic views and grounds. You can tour the facility to watch the wine-making process, enjoy lunch while overlooking the vineyard, or spend the day in the tasting room trying to discover your favorite selection. Napa Valley, Calif., Walla Walla, Wash., and northern Virginia are all amazing wine-focused parts of the country.4

Whether you are looking to enjoy the outdoors while doing something low-key or something fast-paced, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy in the U.S. Try out any – or all! – of the outdoor activities listed above for amazing adventures!


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