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7 Budget-Friendly Tips for Hosting a New Year's Eve Party!

| December 27, 2018
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What's your plan for New Year’s Eve? It seems like many of our clients would love to throw a party of their own but are afraid of the financial commitment it might entail. Which got us thinking…does a great New Year’s Eve party really have to break the bank?

Synergy Wealth Alliance came across a few articles on this exact topic and found the answer. It certainly does NOT! Here are a few ways to welcome in the New Year with a memorable party that won’t break your budget.

  1. Reuse your holiday decor. One of the greatest joys of holiday decorating is that Christmas and New Years decorations can be interchangeable. Why not repurpose your current holiday decorations? This way, you can create a wonderful ambience by just adding in a few dozen tealight candles and dimming the lights. Even white strands of Christmas lights on walls creates a very festive feel. Or, get crafty! Head to your nearest thrift or dollar store to snag all the decorations and craft supplies you need without breaking the bank. Save the hassle (and your money), while staying festive! Feel free to check the links below for cheap and easy decoration ideas: 
    1. Do it Yourself: New Year's Eve Decorations           
    2. Decoration Ideas for New Year's Eve                                                                                              
    3. Cheap New Year's Eve Decoration Ideas
  2. Make it a theme party. Ditch the heels and ties! How about making your guests the decor? Doing so gets everyone excited and helps break the ice once people arrive. If you don’t want people worrying about the expense of yet another costume or outfit, make it a pajama party or "funny Christmas sweater" themed. Is there truly anything better than eating finger foods, toasting with some champagne, and dancing the night away, all while being comfortable?! 
  3. Turn up the music and break out the board games. Nothing will spark up your party more than good tunes and some adult, friendly fun! What's wrong with a little friendly competition while catching up with your family and friends? Break out your old board games or print out printable versions of your favorite games while reminiscing the past year to the top hits of 2018! A cost-free alternative to hiring a DJ for your party is to turn on a pre-made, readily available playlist from Pandora. Play a station and let it run its course through out the night without a worry! Check out the activities below:

    1. Adult Games for New Year's Eve
    2. Printable Activities for New Year's Eve
  4. Host later in the evening. Avoid a huge dinner expense by having people arrive after the normal dinner hour. Your family friends can then enjoy a relaxing holiday meal together and your couple friends can take delight in a romantic dinner without any obligations. Your guests will arrive well-fed and you can skate by with easy, affordable finger foods. This will be much less work for you and will give you more time to socialize with your guests.
  5. Skip the expensive drinks. There’s nothing wrong with asking guests to bring their favorite alcoholic beverage to share, especially since no one likes to show up to a party empty-handed. You can choose one or two inexpensive beverages to provide to make sure there’s something extra to carry you through, like a keg of beer or a punch bowl of champagne sangria. Below you will find some cheap, and delicious punch bowl recipes that will keep your guests (and your wallet) happy!
    1. Champagne Cocktails
    2. Pomegranate Champagne Punch
    3. Holiday Champagne Punch
  6. Have a photo booth. Making a homemade photo booth backdrop with a few props for people to take pictures in front of throughout the night is cheap and a win-win. It provides unlimited entertainment AND guarantees your guests will have fabulous photos to remember the amazing night by.
  7. Send Invites, and send them early. Sending physical invitations may certainly be more personal, however, stationary can add up! Save your money, and send a digital invitation. Facebook provides a free way to "create an event". You are able to invite your friends list, and your guests can readily RSVP to the event right on the same page. Guests can also "post on the event wall". This will allow them to connect with other guests on what drinks or finger foods they want to bring, or even post all the memorable pictures from the event afterwards! If Facebook isn't your cup of tea, Evite allows you to create fun and festive digital invitations.

The whole point of New Year's Eve is to reflect on the past year with your loved ones by your side. Your party shouldn't be a costly engagement. You don't need to break the bank in order to have a phenomenal time with your friends, family, and coworkers! We hope these tips help to alleviate some stress and financial strain. If you’ve successfully avoided hosting for another year, feel free to share these tips with any friends or family members who will be hosting a New Years party this year! We hope you have an unforgettable night and a happy and healthy new year!

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